Imagine the scene…Jesus has been out amongst the people performing many miracles….He even sent the disciples out to perform some of their own…😳😳 He feeds thousands of people with a little boys lunch….this should have been building not only amazement but total trust with His followers, you would think right 🤔🤔However it wasn’t too long after in the story they were out on the boat and a storm came…they became afraid especially when they saw Jesus walking on the water towards them. Holy Ghost…however Jesus told them not to be afraid, take courage and got into the boat and the storm stopped. It says they were dumbfounded and their hearts were hardened. How soon we can forget…how quickly our hearts can be hardened.
Repeat after me…….Oh Lord let me never ever forget the storms you have rescued me from and the trials you have brought me through and the good you have brought to my life. You are good and faithful and let me always TRUST you and be THANKFUL 💜

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